Busy Board Meeting
By Deputy Chief Chris Howell
November 15, 2023

At Last nights Board of Trustees Meeting, 5 New Part-Time Candidates & 3 Part-Time Firefighters that Successfully Completed their Candidacy, took the Oath of Office from Board President Seyl.

New Candidates:
Robert Bartlett
Adam Dever
John Eiermann
Charles Platt
Alberto Vazquez

Successfully Completing their Candidacy:
Robert Andre
Nicholas Garcia
Daniel LaPorte

Also at last nights Board of Trustees Meeting Pingree Grove & Countryside Fire District was Awarded the Call of the Month for September and October 2023, from Phil Laier and St Joseph's Hospital EMS System.

The Call of the Month for September was an Accident involving a car and Semi-Truck Accident with one person pinned in the car on September 26. It was a Difficult Extrication due to the damage and how the patient was pinned in the vehicle. The roof, all four doors, the passenger seat, the rear seat all had to be removed, the dash and steering column had to be raised, before the patient could be removed from the vehicle. Burlington Fire assisted with Patient extrication and Hampshire Fire assisted with landing the Medical Helicopter.

Honored at the Meeting: Chief Stout, Deputy Howell, Lt Bevins, F/F Bonilla, F/F Haro, F/F Keys, F/F Lenox, F/F Wonneberger & F/F Wilson, and from Burlington Fire, F/F Burgdorf & F/F Altman

The Call of the Month for October was a head-on Accident involving a Kane County Sheriff's vehicle and a landscaping truck with a trailer with an on duty Sherriff pinned in the vehicle, on October 23. It was another difficult extrication due to the damage and how the patient was pinned in the vehicle. Personnel had to Remove the roof, doors and move the dash to remove the pt. The extrication took over an hour and the patient was transported to the hospital by helicopter. Hampshire Fire assisted with extrication, landing the helicopter and with the other patients.

Honored at the Meeting: Deputy Chief Howell, F/F Rissman, F/F Wangles, F/F Carlini, F/F N. Howell, F/F Eiermann, F/F Cwik, F/F Bartlett, F/F Andre, & F/F Childers, From Hampshire Fire, Chief Hermann, Lt DePaw, F/F Porto, F/F Trathen, F/F Misner, F/F Morgan & F/F Ribandt.