Pizza ... gold shift
By Lieutenant Scott Fehrman
March 21, 2023

Thank you to Tom Milauskas and Bill Brogan for visiting the station and making pizzas for "Gold Shift". The crews liked that you made the pizzas with their favorite toppings. My favorite was the BBQ Chicken pizza, it was GREAT!

The complete story ...

Tom and his friends contacted the Fire Department saying that they wanted to do something to "serve our community and our surrounding heroes like you folks". Tom said "I am a pizza maker- I love bringing my OONI pizza oven on journeys ... It would be an honor to serve you and your team after all the work and sacrifice that you do for our community".

Tom and his friends (Bill and Kurk) came to our station three different nights to ensure that all the shift crews (Black, Red, Gold) got served. They provided all the ingredients and equipment to make pizzas. They made 10 pizzas each night ... made-to-order at the request of the firefighters.

On behalf of all the crews, Thank You