By Deputy Chief Chris Howell
July 21, 2021

At yesterdays Board of Trustee's Meeting, St. Joseph's
EMS System Coordinator Phil Laier Presented Pingree
Grove and Countryside personnel with Awards for their
their years of service in EMS.

Lt William Misner 40 Years
Lt Scott Fehrman 35 Years
Lt Dennis Demes 35 years

Pingree Grove Countryside Gold Shift, Station 3 Personnel
were presented with the Call of the Month from St. Joseph's
EMS System. Firefighters saved two residents that were in
Cardiac Arrest on the same day, the calls were 5 hours apart.

FF/Medic Kelly Shon
FF/Medic Ryan Saylor
FF/EMT Michael Gray
FF/EMT Jeremy Marshall
FF/EMT Michael Newby
FF/EMT Jeanette Silva-Haro