Hazardous Materials Incident
By Assistant Chief Chris Howell
January 11, 2021

Early Monday morning the Pingree Grove and Countryside fire department responded to a chlorine leak. On arrival companies found a leak, mostly contained in the Pingree Grove Village Water Department pump house.

Companies made entry and found high levels of chlorine and determined the leak to be in the area of the water treatment system. The system was shut down. A decision was made to alert the Division 2 Hazardous Materials Team.

Personnel made another entry and found the levels had gone down. The leak was found to be coming from the water treatment system and not any of the spare chlorine tanks. Hazardous Team Members and Public Works determined, that shutting down the system and keeping it off until repairs could be done, was the best course of action.

There were no injuries and no environmental damage. The water supply was not interrupted and treated water for the Village was supplied by water in storage tanks (Water Tower). Repairs were made to the system later Monday morning.

Personnel were on the scene for two and a half hours. Pingree Grove and Countryside was assisted by Hampshire, Burlington,
Elgin, South Elgin, Carpentersville, Rutland Dundee, and Streamwood Fire Departments.