Pingree Grove & Countryside Fire Protection District


Station 1
14N026 Reinking Rd.
Pingree Grove, IL 60140


Station 2
14N026 Reinking Rd.
Pingree Grove, IL 60140


Station 4 - STAFFED 24x7
39W160 Plank Rd.
Elgin, IL 60124

Chief: Mitch Crocetti
Deputy Chief: Jeff Childers


Board of Trustees
Ron Hartman President
Todd Harris Vice President
John Payson Secretary
Jerry Regan Treasurer
Karel Jones Trustee

New Carbon Monoxide Detector Law

In 2006, the Illinois General Assembly passed a new law which requires the placement of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in residences. Public Act 94-741 mandates that every dwelling unit in Illinois must be equipped with at least one carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of every room used for sleeping purposes.
This law is effective January 1, 2007
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Change your clock, Change your batteries

Spring ahead or fall back, when you change your clock, be sure to change your smoke detector batteries!

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